Győr and Jewry

Győr moves to Pest

An exhibition on the history of the Jewish community in Győr among the plans of HDKE Páva Street

Featured image: Szombat

The Budapest Holocaust Memorial Centre (HDKE) is preparing an exhibition on the history of Győr’s Jews, which will open in 2023.

The Holocaust Memorial Centre and the Páva Street Synagogue © Szombat

There will be an opportunity, among other things, to process and exhibit family histories from Győr. If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, please contact Tünde Csendes, a PhD student at the Jewish Theological Seminary – University of Jewish Studies (OR-ZSE), Budapest, whose extensive research on the history of Jewish Győr will be used by the HDKE. Please write to: cstundegyor@gyorjews

The former home for elderly and poor (Menház), details here, © P. Krausz

It is well known that for several years now the former Jewish Menház in Győr has been hosting an exhibition on the history of local Jewry, created by the Győr Jewish Community, which deals equally with Jewish customs and traditions.

The planned Budapest exhibition will also include new elements. For example, it will also touch upon the activities of Jewish landowners in the Győr area before the holocaust and it will present the everyday life of their families.

It is also planned to move the temporary exhibition of the Budapest Memorial Centre to Győr at a later date.

The Holocaust Memorial Centre is a public institution, which opened its doors on 16 April 2004 with its first exhibition, the Auschwitz Album, as a result of the renovation of the Páva Street Synagogue and the construction of a new building complex.

The Wall of Remembrance of the Victims, now with around 180,000 names, reflects the silhouette of the Synagogue and memorial columns © P. Krausz

Six columns in the inner courtyard commemorate the more than 500,000 Hungarian and 6 million European victims.

The name of Győr on the wall of the Jewish communities in Hungary annihilated in 1944 © P. Krausz