Who are we addressing?

This is an event for everyone.

First and foremost, to Jews connected to Győr, whether religious, including neologists, orthodox, liberals and those of other traditions, atheists, old and young, living in Hungary and abroad. We could certainly go on listing these categories, but let us repeat: we are addressing everyone.

We are also addressing those sympathising with us, humanistic non-Jews, who are welcome with open hearts to certain open events, such as the memorial service or the cemetery mourning ceremony.

We especially welcome young non-Jewish people from Győr who may be open to new knowledge and understanding of the historical traumas of past and present social minorities. This is why we are organising a student contest on the history of the Jewish community in Győr in the run-up to the World Reunion.

Looking forward to a peaceful co-existence between different communities! This is the key to our future.

Five churches on Kossuth Lajos Street in Győr – jezsuitakiado.hu