Who are we?

Zsuzsa Sándor, Judit Somló, Marianna Spiegel, Olga Spitzer, Miklós Szedő and Péter Krausz. We are all second-generation descendants of Holocaust survivors.

We are all volunteers, from or connected to Győr, who decided to organise the reunion back in autumn 2021. Our foundation, the Jewish Roots in Győr Foundation, was registered by the competent Metropolitan Court in March 2022. Thus, our civil initiative became an independent legal entity.

For our preparatory work and the organisation of the events, we have received the full moral support of the leadership of the Győr Jewish Community.

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation is chaired by Péter Krausz, and its members are Olga Spitzer and Miklós Szedő.

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