A special meeting

Hundreds of us reunite and make friends.

We look not only to the past, but also to the future. We pass on our memories to those who come after us, so that the flame will burn forever, so that our ancestors will live on. We remember the members of our families who were murdered, innocent victims of the terrible barbarism of the 1940s. We hold a memorial conference. We unveil a memorial plaque as well as plant memorial trees.

We will visit the synagogue, the cemetery and the former home of Jewish orphans and elderly. We will get to know Győr of today, we will also attend a concert.

Some of the events are also open to the well-intentioned public of Győr.

All this is worth being together for!

Let’s build bridges! This is the bridge of Révfalu, which connects the former Jewish quarter (Sziget) with the city centre of Győr – © Krausz, Péter