Student contest

about memories of Jews in Győr and its neighbourhood

Their fate – our history

In preparation for the 2024 World Reunion, the Board of Trustees of the Jewish Roots in Győr Foundation has launched a student contest on the theme indicated above.

Nine secondary schools from Győr, Pannonhalma and Csorna have entered 18 teams of three on an invitation-only basis. This means that 54 students and 13 teachers, or a total of 67 people, will be directly involved in the development of two research projects and one artwork in the school year 2022-23. 

The main target is to arouse the interest of local young people in the past of the Jewish community in Győr and its neighbourhood. A better understanding of this common past will ensure a more tolerant, open, cohesive and promising future for all of us.

© Kobe, Pexels

Prizes will be awarded to the teams with the best results. The winning team will present its submissions at a Commemorative Conference during the World Reunion.

The call for entries can be found here in Hungarian only:

Nine secondary schools from Győr and the surrounding area entered 18 (!) teams of three for the Jewish local history student competition, as three schools launch more than one team, which is allowed by the competition rules. This means that 54 students and 13 teachers, or a total of 67 participants, will submit contributions to our Foundation on the history of Jewry in Győr in the 2022-23 school year.

Featured image: Fox, Pexels