Concert: Melodies in the Synagogue

Draft programme

Synagogue, Győr, Kossuth Lajos u. 5, on 6 July 2024, 17:30 – 21:00 h

Inauguration of the Győr Museum of Jewish Excellence


Classical music block

A programme by students and teachers of the Faculty of Arts of the Széchenyi István University and the János Richter Music Secondary School (including works by Goldmark, Mendelssohn, Bloch, Ligeti, among others)

The Synagogue’s former school, now University wing © P. Krausz

Klezmer medley

Performed by students and teachers of the Faculty of Arts of the István Széchenyi University

Klezmer musicians ©

Eszter Bíró’s show

Hungarian Jewish and Yiddish folk songs, compositions by Sándor Födő to poems by Ernő Szép and Miklós Radnóti performed by Eszter Bíró, actress and singer of Győr origin.

Eszter is connected to Győr and the Jewish community through her mother and grandparents. She dedicates her work to the memory of her grandparents and 40 relatives who died in the Shoa.

The Eszter Bíró Quintet started with the album “When will it be the already?”. The band has performed extensively in Hungary and abroad. At their concerts, gems of Hungarian poetry are mixed with Jewish folklore melodies in such a way that it is almost impossible to tell where the poem begins and the contemporary composition continues. Demanding music with outstanding performers from the Hungarian world music scene.

Zsolt Csókás – guitar
Balázs Cserta – wind instruments (Turkish pipe, clarinet, flute, soprano saxophone)
Sándor Födő – accordion, percussion
Péter Papesch – bass guitar
Dániel Szabó – cymbalo / Hegedűs Máté – violin

Eszter Bíró ©

András Jäger sings

Eszter’s programme will be followed by a performance by András Jäger, actor, musician, teacher, member of the Győr National Theatre, in the garden of the Synagogue.

Buffet reception for invited guests