About the event

Help us raise funds!

We will try to organise the 2024 event with rich content and at the right level.

Therefore, the event will, according to our preliminary calculations, involve significant costs. The inevitable participation fee can only be kept at a reasonable level if we can attract individual donors and organisations to support our cause.

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For this purpose, please provide ideas and assistance in identifying, contacting and winning potential supporters.

Contact us!

This is a vital task to be tackled from now on.

Can we count on you?

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About the event

Launch of the website

We have launched this website for the event.

It will play a major role in the following:

  • publishing news and larger-scale articles on Jewish life in Győr
  • informing and contacting interested people
  • registering participants of the event

In short, everything related to the meeting.

Write to us!
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As amateurs, we have built and operate this website. Surely we shall commit content-related and technical errors. But let us know your comments, we will do our best to improve the quality of our website!

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About the event Family Story

Send us your family history!

Send us a concise history of your family or other writings about Jewish Győr. Please do not exceed 2 pages, with a 1.5 line spacing. Use Word format. Attach 2-3 photos.

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We intend to publish the submitted material in unaltered format and content, so please take good care of both.

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