Győr and Jewry

New stumbling stones in Győr

One of the fourteen already damaged

On May 5, 2023, another fourteen stumbling stones were placed in Győr in the framework of a project started years ago by the Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association (Mazsike).

Invitation to the stone placements in Győr © Mazsike

The first stone commemorates Ágnes Korein, who was murdered at the age of 15.

Stumbling Stone of Ágnes Korein (1929-1944), Győr, Király utca 20 © Spitzer Olga
Ágnes Korein‘s family places Ági’s stone, Győr 5 May 2023 © Győr+

Dr Csaba András Dézsi, Mayor of Győr, was also present at the stone-laying ceremony and made a short statement. Péter Kirschner, President of MAZSIKE, also spoke. A TV report was made of the commemoration.

Péter Kirschner and Dr Csaba András Dézsi commemorate those murdered, Győr 5 May 2023 © Győr+

Twelve (12) members of the family of Jakab Neuwirth, who was murdered in 1920 (!), were also given a memorial stone at three different locations.

The stumbling stones of Imre Neuwirth’s family, Miklós Szedő’s grandmother (Mrs Neuwirth 1894-1944) and two of his aunts (Jolán 1916-1944; Sára 1923-1944), Győr, Liszt Ferenc utca 8 © Spitzer Olga
Stumbling stones of Pál Neuwirth (1900-1944) and members of his family (Mrs Neuwirth 1899-1944; Judit 1925-1944; Erzsébet 1929-1944; Márta 1933-1944; Margit 1936-1944), Győr, Kisfaludy utca 25 © Szedő Miklós

Stones were laid in front of the former residence of the Hacker family. How devastating that one of the Hacker stones was damaged a day or two after it had been laid. A metal thief looking for a copper block instead of the thin copper plate covering in reality the concrete block? Or an anti-Semitic manifestation? Shocking.

Stumbling stones of Henrik Hacker (1880-1944) and his family (Mrs Hacker 1885-1944 and Miksa 1915-1943), Győr, Kossuth Lajos utca 56 © Szedő Miklós

Ferenc Mátyás Csillag, a 12-year-old boy when murdered, is commemorated by a stone in Árpád Street.

The stone of Ferenc Mátyás Csillag (1932-1944), Győr, Árpád út 20 © Szedő Miklós

May their memory be a blessing!

Reported by Miklós Szedő